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PRODUCT REVIEW: Calvin Klein Delicious Luxury Creme lipstick & Rimmel London Lash Accelerator (Extreme black)

A shortish review on 2 Calvin Klein lipsticks and a Rimmel London Mascara, are they worth the buy?

Hello my lovelies! 
I'm prepared for this post as I've got my green tea beside me which I absolutely adore. If any of you are looking for a green tea flavour you're wanting to try, choose the Twinnings: Cleansing Fennel. I know this a bit weird sharing a green tea flavour but I didn't used to like green tea until I drank this. This is perfect for the winter nights, especially here in the UK. 
Photo courtesy: Twinnings
Any ways, let's just begin. 

Calvin Klein Delicious Luxury Creme Lipstick 

I brought two lipsticks in different shades which were Eros and Mesmerize.

These two beauties were £5.27 each from Fruugo (Eros and Mesmerise) and they were quite cheap as Calvin Klein is a well known brand and I've heard a lot about these lipsticks so I wanted to try them. Eros is a deep red whereas Mesmerize is a slightly darker pink.


^ I blotted the colour on a white paper as if it was on my skin it would appear to be a different colour/shade. Also I didn't blot too hard because I didn't want to ruin it :P^

The lipstick is enriched with vitamins and left my lips feeling soft and supple. The colours are both really pigmented and for me, it was a cheaper dupe to the MAC lipstick cream range.

It also comes in other shades from matte to high shine finish. I wore this lipstick from 9:00am to 9:00pm and for the whole 12 hours it didn't smudge or move even after drinking or eating! I'm really suprised as in the description it didn't boast about the staying quality.

As the lipstick is very creamy, it had a smooth application and it kept my lips well hydrated throughout the day but when I researched more about the lipstick some argue this fact, but it depends on what the lipstick user does throughout the day.

The final thing that sealed the deal was that the lipstick had a faint rosy smell which was very pleasing as I tend to choose lipsticks with a nice smell as well as the colour. The Calvin Klein lipsticks come in array of shades which aren't bold or crazily bright so I recommend this for women aged 16-17+. 
Overall, I will recommend this to anyone and was worth the buy!

Rimmel London Lash Accelerator (Extreme Black)

This mascara aims to contain an ultra lengthening formula to deliver up to 80% longer looking lashes instantly and if used over 30 days, the Grow-Lash Complex helps to strengthen, renew and nourish lashes promoting natural lash growth to create lashes that appear fuller, lusher and up to 117% longer.But does this work?
The mascara 
The brush

Well for me I can say that... it does, kind of.

My eyelashes aren't necessarily short but they're quite light and this just lengthens them. I only need 1-2 coats whereas other mascaras I would need 4-5 coats and the mascara doesn't clump at all. It also reaches the inner eyelashes so the mascara is evenly distributed however, not all things are perfect, I would say that the mascara is a little on the runny side so sometimes it makes my eyelashes look like there is only 5. And when I apply my mascara, for me there isn't enough product as I want people to notice I'm wearing mascara.

Another downfall is that there isn't a waterproof version so I have to apply waterproof mascara on top of this one and the mascara doesn't make my eyelashes thicker (this is because of the runny texture) and it would be perfect if the brush was more bigger and the product was slightly more thicker.
I prefer the brush of the Maybelline Volum' Express The Mega Plush Mascara because its thicker and has a slight streamlined look so it distributes more mascara.

Maybelline's brush

Maybelline The Mega Plush Volume 

But I would recommend this to women with eyelashes that are short but I advise to use another mascara on top to create bold eyelashes.

Divine Beauty x

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